The MSCSC Enrichment Program serves youth ages 5 to 17 and provides academic enhancement programs that expand skills in core and elective subject areas, leadership, cultural education and public speaking.

  • Tutorial Program – MSCSC collaborated with Maple Springs Baptist Church, since 2009, to expand tutorial services to include youth in the community. This is a free service delivered by a team of volunteers to assist youth with educational aids. The program services youth ages 5-17 during the school year and includes weekly one-on-one and group tutorial services in the areas of: Math, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Science, English, Public Speaking and Organizational Skills.

“Students who participated in our tutorial program have consistently tested above grade level in the area of reading comprehension.”

“Many of our tutorial participants have been accepted into highly competitive private schools, charter school and specialized magnet school programs in the Washington Metropolitan area.”

  • Pen or Pencil Movement – Pen or Pencil (POP), is a culturally grounded and curriculum-based mentoring program is the Leadership component to the summer leadership institute and the academic school year programming. POP  curriculum lessons and activities are incorporated into the program curriculum. POP uses the history of the Underground Railroad, community-wide political engagement, and youth leadership during the Civil Rights Movement as the context and content of an approach to mentoring that is designed to mobilize, reach, teach, and inspire African American youth who struggle through immense social, environmental, family, and school stressors. Twice a week, during the summer and once a week during the school year, screened and trained mentors lead mentee groups through a series of materials and activities in sessions that last 1 to 2 hours for a minimum of 2- 3 hours per week.
  • Leadership Academy Further, the leadership development component of our program addresses race equity and race relations in America. bring the conversation about race and ethnicity and its impact on our community. In teaching about Race & Ethnicity: Teaching Acceptance instead of Tolerance provides many participants awareness about race and ethnicity by teaching about race, racism, police violence, the Black Lives Matter movement, whiteness, and more.
  • Youth Toastmasters – The Youth Toastmasters is an 8-week program that offers community-based programs for youth in the Washington Metropolitan area aimed at helping youth develop communication and leadership abilities. Youth sessions are held during the fall and spring semesters. Participants learn skills such as: Controlling their voice and gestures, delivering prepared and impromptu speeches, giving and receiving constructive feedback and improving their vocabulary. The program also helps youth develop strong communication and listening skills, while enabling them to discover and understand their own communication style.