General Scholarship Award

In collaboration with the Maple Springs Baptist Church, the Maple Springs Community Service Corporation will fund the General Youth Service Award(s). This award recognizes youth for their service to their church, community, performing unselfish acts and deeds, academic achievement and financial need. The recipient(s) of the Youth Service Award must demonstrate the principles, values and character that were exemplified by Jesus Christ in their church, school and community. Preference is given to recipient(s) who are first-time applicants and who demonstrate their commitment and dedication either to their church Youth Ministry, to their church, or to the community at large. Applicants who have a financial need, are active in their school and community; have strong academic performance and educational and career goals; and are self-motivated receive strong consideration. Students applying for these awards can attend any accredited college, university, vocational/technical school they wish, anywhere in the country and major in any subject.  Students are eligible for these awards if they are active with their church, their Youth Ministry, or community.

You may apply for a scholarship based on either your financial need, community service or current or past academic achievement. You must discuss your basis in a written narrative, not to exceed two pages (double-spaced). The deadline for your application is December 10, 2023 at 11:59:59 PM.

We invite each applicant to our in person celebration on Jan 1, 2024, at 4:00 pm. You must submit your application by midnight December 10, 2023 at 11:59:59 PM.

Maple Springs Community Service Corporation
Scholarship Criteria is contingent upon the following areas:

I. The scholarship recipient must:

    1. Be a current or Accepted by a College, University, Trade or Vocational School
    2. Require Financial Need to attend college OR Showcase Outstanding Academic or Community Service Achievement
    3. Submit a wallet sized photo (business attire/portrait/senior class picture preferred)
    4. Submit one letter of recommendation. (Acquired from a teacher, clergy member, mentor, counselor, employer, or community service organization)
    5. Submit an Official Transcript
    6. Submit a timely, typed, legible, completed application.
    7. Submit a written narrative, not to exceed two pages (double-spaced).

    II. Written Narrative Instructions:

    Your typed narrative must not exceed two pages, double-spaced. Hand-written narratives will NOT be accepted. Include your narrative choice number at the top of the page. Please include your written narrative with your application submission.

    Reply to one of the following prompts for your personal narrative:

    1. Discuss your academic achievements and outstanding academic performance or community service. You may want to include your grade point average, SAT or ACT scores, honors and academic awards or community involvement. Also, include in your narrative your academic interests and your desired college major, and why this is important to you.


    Explain in detail your need for financial assistance to attend college. Discuss your family size, economic hardships experienced by you or your family and other important details related to your financial need.